About Us

Frensham Pond Kennels & Catteries has been run by the Reed family since 1962.
Located in the beautiful surroundings of Frensham Country Park with a view of the Great Pond.

Greg Reed has for many years run the kennels as the Managing Proprietor with the help of the friendly, dedicated and long serving staff.

From the very first day standards were of the highest degree. Comfort , warmth and regular exercise was always assured. Right from the start, Heating and Music was included, the last outing for the dogs at 10pm of particular importance.

All the pets have heated accommodation, each with their own infrared heaters thermostatically controlled 24 hours a day, providing a warm and cosy atmosphere with the gentle red glow bathing them as they sleep at night or warming away the effects of a chilly spell outside.

Every effort has been made to maintain a homely routine and atmosphere.

Security and safety is also high on the list of priorities. The outdoor grass runs for the dogs consist of high security fence with a overhanging top, making sure that even the most agile dog is secure. The Catteries are completely enclosed by wire with double doors allowing for safe access.
Outside of opening hours all kennels & catteries are fully locked with a number of motion sensors protecting the premises which are staffed 24 hours a day.

Your personal vet will be consulted should there be any reason for concern and we will endeavour to use them if possible. However if this is difficult due to time or locality we may use an alternative.

It is preferred that our own new shredded paper bedding is used within high-ware plastic beds providing a warm and comfortable cushion which can be easily changed during your pets stay . This and a strict control on cleanliness is designed to maintain hygienic control.

All meals provided are of the highest quality. One of the dogs favourites is a mix of tripe and a complete food.

Iams Dry or the Whiskas variety is the preferred choice for the cats.

However with today’s numerous varieties if you require something different we recommend that you bring this along and we will be happy to feed it. We usually offer a small discount for supplying your own food but with the complexity and frequency of some these diets the discount may be minimal.

Medication will be administered as prescribed by your vet . Please check that all are labled clearly & there is enough medication for the complete stay with perhaps extra allowing for any possible transport delays.


We Now Insist Upon The Kennel Cough Vaccine.
(The Additional Nasal Vaccination) At Least 7 Days Before Boarding
Unfortunately This Does Not Guarantee Full Protections But We Now Believe It To Work In Many Cases.