Please make sure all your pets vaccinations are up to date.
Your pet can only be accepted for boarding if it is in good health, not showing any symptoms of infectious diseases and you are able to produce a Certificate confirming your pets inoculations are up to date.

No Dog can be accepted for boarding unless it has been inoculated against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo Virus.

We also Insist Upon The Kennel Cough Vaccination. *


Kennel Cough Vaccine. It is my understanding that some vaccine manufacturers recommend that immunosuppressed individuals avoid contact with vaccinated dogs for up to six weeks. Please discuss with your vet but we are relaxing (to some degree) the need for KC vaccination if concerned.

Do not have the kennel cough vaccine within 2 weeks of due to arrive. We may not accept for boarding if done at short notice

Unfortunately it still does not guarantee protection against all strains but we feel does offer a much higher level of protections and since insisting upon this many years ago, incidence have been greatly reduced.

We ASK that it is done at least 7 days before boarding. (the sooner the better) At this time we are advising minimum 3 weeks in advance & Ideally 6 weeks, If not enough time we may/probably still accept for boarding, as we get busier we are being more strict.

We recommend, providing there is enough time to have the kennel cough vaccine even sooner, to help avoid possible infection before you’re arrival date. It can be picked up just as easily walking in the park or any contact with other dogs (It does not have to be direct contact, a sniff in an area where an infected dog has already been can be enough)

No Cat can be accepted for boarding unless it has been inoculated against Feline Enteritis, Cat Flu and feline leukaemia viruses.

Caution. If the vaccination have lapsed any length of time you may need two sets of injections with a few weeks delay between and full protection is not achieved until after the 2nd.

* If there is a genuine reason why you are unable to have the kennel cough vaccination, e.g. You’re vet advises against it on medical grounds or has trouble administering the nasal spray due to a condition of the dog we may make exceptions. This is on the understanding that you would accept full responsibility.

Also we appreciate that sometimes clients have emergencies and whilst would usually have the main vaccinations up to date KC might be overlooked. If situations arise where there is no time and a stay of one or two nights (probably during our quieter periods) is required we again might make exceptions. We feel this would pose very little threat to other vaccinated dogs boarding.

We only make these exceptions because kennel cough, whilst unpleasant, is in the vast majority of cases not a severe risk to the dogs health.

We can not make any exceptions for the main Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvo Virus vaccinations.